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My name is Pat and Alban is my husband. We have a young daughter who is named Kitiya. I was born in Surin (Thailand) and spent my childhood up to the age of 16 in a small village located not far from the border with Cambodia.

I studied at the University of Bangkok from where I was awarded a diploma in social politics and in oriental languages. I then worked as manager, general supervisor, then staff manager of a big renowned Thai trading company. I can speak, read, and write French very well, as well as English, Laotian, Khmer (Cambodian language), and - of course - Thai (as well as all the dialects spoken in I-San, the provinces of Northeastern Thailand).

My husband had in mind an ambitious project - ambitious due to the difficulty of its implementation and the originality of its concept. It consisted in building a resort but with a philosophy and a management that were to be new to Thailand. In fact, our challenge was to manage to implant and to develop this structure in the heart of a Thai village, itself located in the middle of ricefields. So, after the birth of our daughter, I decided to definitively leave my job position in Bangkok in order to actively participate in the realisation of this project.

My name is Alban and I have the chance to share my life, my work and my passions with my charming wife, Pat. With her, I was able to start the true family life that I had always dreamed of.

I can speak Thai and Khmer languages as well as English. In 1990, I made my first trip in Thailand. I afterward left France where I worked in the medical domain, then lived in Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok before falling in love at first sight with I-San (the Northeastern region of Thailand) where we established our activity with Pat.

We thus created our company (East Asian Road Co., Ltd), with the help of friends who trusted us and without whom nothing would have been possible, in the aim of sharing our love of this region with the visitors and proposing an innovative concept.
The administrative and cultural barriers did not discourage us.

We have been able to successfully complete this project and our site Ban Naa Cottages was born. It is now fully operational and constitutes the ideal and original base from which we suggest you to discover Thailand in its whole authenticity...

Last update: September 25th 2013
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