Southeast Asia Weather & Climate

When choosing your travel destination and planning your trip it is always a tropical-climategood idea to get to know what kind of weather you should expect.  In fact, many travelers decide where they will be traveling to and what time of year they will go based on the weather conditions that the intended destination is inclined to. This is yet another reason why Southeast Asia is such a great travel destination and loved my many. I is located close enough to the equator  that it relatively has a tropical warm climate all year round! With days that are filled with sunshine and higher temperatures the nights tend to be a lot cooler adding a perfect end to a travelers day! Check out a couple of the weather highlights for a few of the different countries that ca be found in Southeast Asia!

  • Laos- Unlike most of the other countries throughout Southeast Asia, Laos tends to have various weather and climates throughout its many regions.  While most of the time it seems to have a traditionally warm tropical climate it can also have a cool and dry climate mostly during monsoon season.  It can also vary between dry and hot and hot and humid.
  • monsoon-season-southeast-asiaThailand- Generally monsoon season in Thailand runs between June and October with September being the wettest month of all.  The Southern regions of this country can seem a bit cloudier and cooler than others but tend to have the least rainfall.  The northern region has the most rainfall and just when you think the humidity and temperatures are a little too unbearable around May monsoon season begins
  • Indonesia- Indonesia generally always has a dry region even during monsoon season.  With that being said Indonesia’s monsoon season is actually the complete opposite of Thailand, with the season starting in November and continuing until April. June thru September are the driest and coldest months of the year.
  • Philippines- Because of the many islands and volcanoes that can be found in the Philippines the weather can greatly be affected. June thru September months usually bring a lot of heavy rain which can make some of the islands difficult to get to because of the rough waters found at sea. January-March being some of the best months to visit, with Typhoon season beginning in May and running through October.

With many different countries and regions to choose from throughout climate-southeast-asiaSoutheast Asia there is sure to be a travel destination that fits your weather needs.  As we mentioned before because the country is located so close to the equator weather tends to be tropical and warm with a little rain and humidity to account for.  We suggest as always that before planning your get away look into the weather and other various factors before confirming your trip to ensure you have the best time possible in the best conditions suited for you!

Southeast Asian Yoga & Healing Retreats


Whether you are traveling to Southeast Asia to explore the many beautiful countries found there, or to get away and find solitude and adventure, chances are you will have a magnificent vacation. If you are looking to enjoy an amazing yoga or healing retreat Southeast Asia is definitely a place you will want to check into. In fact, some of the most affordable, relaxing and soul quenching yoga retreats reside in the different countries located throughout Southeast Asia. Check out some of our top picks and we are sure you will find one that is right for you and offers self-reflection, healing and a spiritual kind to inner peace.

Yoga Retreats of Southeast Asia

Thailand- Here you will find a number of different retreats that range from beginners to advanced. Vipassana yoga is often practiced throughout Thailand and offers mindful breath, thoughts and sensations.  There are many temples that often yoga retreats for as long as 21 days for those really searching for a spiritual awakening and focusing on Buddhist meditation styles.

  • Koh Phangan- is a little island of the Gulf of Thailand and offers up many yogameditation-asia school with different settings. You will find practices here such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Pilates and Tantric yoga.
  • Pure Flow Yoga- this amazing yoga school offers week to month long retreats as well as daily classes and yoga training.

Bali, Indonesia- Bali is often one of the most sought after travel destinations in Southeast Asia.  With it’ ton of Ubud being the heart of Bali and many visitors flocking to soak up the sights and culture. Some of the best yoga retreats include:

  • Blooming Yoga Lotus- this retreat offers training, classes and silent meditation.  Choose the 6 day retreat in Canggu and enjoy Serenity and Eco yoga.  Their are great accommodations, free massages and trips to local places like natural springs, waterfalls and temples
  • Bali spirit Festival- this festival takes place in April and is an annual celebration of yoga, dance and music.  It is 6 days long and offers everything from workshops, classes, concerts, reiki classes, meditation and holistic therapies!

Luang Pranbang, Laos- this is home to the grassroots community of yoga lovers.  With retreats and daily classes to be found it is definitely a great yogi experience.  

spiritual-healing-asiaSiem Reap, Cambodia- retreats and daily classes can be found here and it is known as beginners paradise.  So for those of you that are just finding your love and passion for yoga this may just be the spot for you.  Check out the Siem Reap Hostile and Angkor Bodhi Tree facilities.

Of course there are numerous other retreats and yoga centers to choose from all through Southeast Asia.  before committing to any retreat of yoga training decide which countries you would like to explore and make a plan.  A trip to southeast Asia and one of its many beautiful retreats may just help you slow down, renew, find the self-reflection and discover the self-learning you have been searching for!