Southeast Asia & its Renewable Energy Expansion

Southeast Asia is definitely on the map as a great place to travel and explore.southeast-asia-solar-energy  With so many countries to visit and enjoy no wonder many travelers make their way there.  While the countries in Southeast Asia are developed and have their own standards of living and such there are still many issues that need to be bettered or structures that can be put in place to make the overall quality of life there better for the people.  You may have read our previous article on the plumbing and sanitary water issues that many face throughout Southeast Asia. While traveling there is always a great experience for many travelers, what if you could also make a difference on one or many of your trips to these fine countries?

solar-panel-thailandKainui, a young man in his mid-twenties from the Big island of Hawaii took a trip to Southeast Asia with a couple of his work friends.  While there exploring he began noticing the areas he was in and their use of electricity and somewhat lack of solar energy use. Kainui works for Big Island Solar, a leading solar company on the Big Island and is always interested in what can be done to utilize renewable energy and solar energy resources.  Upon talking with locals and looking into things a bit more he found that Southeast Asia in general is one of the best places to increase solar energy and one that would benefit from it the most. Not only would solar energy help the people of Southeast Asia and stabilize the cost of living, it would also help climate change because of the reduction in fossil fuels that are burned to create the energy sources they now utilize!  That’s when he decided that his next trip over would not only be for leisure and pleasure but to offer his help in building solar energy usage for Southeast Asia! Should you be looking to travel and also lend a hand in benefiting our world please feel free to contact Kainui at Big Island Solar! The three countries he has focused on to get started are:

Southeast Asia Solar Power Projects

  • Thailand- As of now Thailand has the 2nd largest economy in all of Southeast Asia.  It is projected to increase its power consumption by 75% in the following years to come.  It has a huge reliance on fossil fuels for energy and the older energy structure it has in place is a great obstacle for the country’s overall economic growth.  The AEDP or Alternative Energy Development Plan has been put in place as of 2015 and is projected to continue to 2036 to shed light on the country’s energy security, protection against the rise of cost of living and to help aid in the fight against climate change. There is a definite focus on the roof-top solar market and Kainui wants to aid in any way he can!
  • Vietnam- With VERY good conditions for the use of solar power especially in the country’s Southern region, renewable energy has yet to take off here.  To help with establishing solar power, solar power energy projects are eligible for incentives. With a goal to increase solar power energy to 7% by 2020 and 10% by 2030, aiding in solar power installation and introduction is highly sought after here!
  • Malaysia- Right now Malaysia is the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia after triumphantly recovering from 2 seperate recessions!  Because of the land and region of the country solar power here is a bit trickier but has been found to be a great place for off-grid solar!

Sometimes when we travel we come back with great experiences, solar-power-vietnammemoriesand a vacation we can always remember.  Sometimes we find that we develop a connection with the country or countries we have visited and want to aid in helping to better life or make a difference for the people that live there.  Kainui found his connection to Southeast Asia through his traveling experience there and is ready to make a difference! These are the kind of travel stories we love to hear about!


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