Planning Your Trip To Southeast Asia

exploring-southeast-asiaYou have decided on visiting and exploring Southeast Asia for your first adventure and you couldn’t have chosen a better place!  Filled with beaches, cities, temples and jungles to be explored you will have no shortage of adventures! But what are a few things you need to know to not only have the best travel experience and trip possible, but to also stay safe while doing so? We have a list of advice and guidelines to follow to make sure your trip is the best it can be!

Southeast Asia Travel Tips


  • Choose your cities-  While you may be ready to explore multiple cities on your trip to Southeast Asia we suggest you study a map and choose either one city you can leave no stone left unturned in or a select few. Study a map and check travel distances and travel time. Even though Bali, Indonesia and Vietnam are all found in Southeast Asia they all are a LONG plane ride away from each other.  To maximize your travel time and experiences have a plan and an idea of what you will have time to see and do before commiting and making travel arrangements in each city.
  • Pack Lightly- You will probably be doing a lot of walking and traveling around southeast-asia-travelwith your luggage attached to you.  So think of packing lightly and doing laundry on your trip verses packing a big ol suitcase and having a large load to carry.  Think lightweight backpack and necessities. Trust us you will be glad you followed our advice.
  • When Visiting Temples- Be aware that when visiting the historic temples of Southeast Asia you will need to have modest clothing to wear. Things that cover your shoulders and fall below the knees. You are in another country and respecting their practices especially while visiting one of their temples is respectful and proper etiquette.
  • Health First- Check out required or suggested vaccinations before traveling and make sure you get them.  Also make sure to pack a first aid kit and stomach medicines. The citizens of Southeast Asia may be accustomed other health concerns but why take a chance with your health and diseases.  Plus you ant to stay as healthy as possible so that you may enjoy your trip!
  • Learn To Bargain- You don’t want to be taken advantage of and you should not be afraid to bargain with street vendors etc.  Being confident and able to bargain can help save you money and keep your funds going for your entire trip  That being said it is best to wait until you arrive in Southeast Asia to exchange your money for the country’s currency.  Exchange rates will less expensive than those in the U.S or at the airport. Also be aware that many smaller vendors and taxi services don’t accept credit cards so you will want to make sure you have cash on hand at all times.

southeast-asia-adveturesThese are just a few of our tips when planning your travels to Southeast Asia or anywhere in Asia for that matter.  Being prepared will help result in a better trip and uncomfortable situations. Being prepared and safe are key items priorities when it comes to any type of travel!  But remember to enjoy yourself and embrace the country that you are visiting always respecting the land that you are exploring and their customs.

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